An interview with the on-line magazine galerie-photo.

CBS Sunday Morning did a story about Southworth and Hawes which featured an interview with me and some scenes of me working.

I was interviewed by National Public Radio back in 2001 about the daguerreotypes I made on 9/11.

Jerry Spagnoli Daguerreotypes and Photographs

Reviews and Interviews:

A review of my book "Daguerreotypes"from the Fall 2007 issue of Photoeye Magazine.

A review of my book "Daguerreotypes" from IPhoto Central.

A March 10 2008 interview with Jorg Colberg for his Weblog "Conscientious."

Listen to a podcast of a presentation I made at the University of Utah in October 2006.


An interview I did with The Photo District News about making daguerreotypes and working with Chuck Close.

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An archived copy of my recent presentation at The International Center of Photography is now available. Click here to check it out.